x-ray exams in miami

X-Ray Exams in Miami

X-rays are electromagnetic radiation that deferentially penetrates structures within the body and creates images of these structures on photographic film or a fluorescent screen. These images are called diagnostic x rays.

X-ray exams are used for many purposes, including determining if a bone is broken, seeing whether an internal organ is infected, and looking for cancer. There are many different types of X-rays currently used to detect cancer. For example, both mammography (a series of breast X-rays) and the barium enema (a series of bowel X-rays with contrast medium), are routine procedures sometimes used for cancer screening in adults of certain age groups. To check for tumors in precise cross-sections of the body, a computed tomography (CT) scan also can be used. A CT scan is a series of X-rays linked to computer technology. Even without using specialized techniques, uncomplicated, routine X-rays often can show abnormal shadows or silhouettes that might be cancerous tumors.

Fixed Plate X-ray Exams

No special preparation is needed for fixed plate x rays unless contrast material is used. When x rays are scheduled that involve the use of contrast material, the physician will give specific instructions for preparation. For example, in a lower GI series, the individual may have to fast and use special laxatives to cleanse the bowel before swallowing the contrast material. Parents can prepare children for x rays be explaining what will happen and that these tests are short and painless.

As a patient you will probably be asked to remove your clothing over the part of your body to be X-rayed as well as any jewelry worn the day of the x-ray. Patients will be given a hospital gown. For certain X-ray procedures, patients also will be given a flexible lead apron or other type of protective drape to shield portions of your body from unnecessary X-ray exposure. Patients will be asked to either stand on the floor or lie or sit on a table in an X-ray room, and a technician will position your body in a way that gives the best X-ray view.

The technician will position the X-ray machine near your body, so that the machine’s X-ray tube (where the X-rays come out) is pointing at the correct body area. After going behind a protective panel, the technician will press a button to take the X-ray picture. For more specialized series of X-rays, such as mammography, a barium enema or a CT scan, the procedure is slightly more complicated. Click here to find one of our Fox Medical Centers near you.

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