DOT Physical Exam Miami

Department of Transportation Physicals

Federal law requires that drivers of commercial motor vehicles receive a regular physical examination. DOT physicals consist of various components including:

  • health history
  • vision exam
  • hearing exam
  • blood pressure/pulse rate
  • physical examination

In the US you must have the following criteria to receive your DOT certificate and license.

  • Vision must be 20/40 (glasses or contacts are accepted)
  • If you have diabetes, it must be controlled through diet or oral medication (needle injected insulin is not permitted)
  • For a 1 year certification, your blood pressure must be 140-159/90-99
  • For a 3 month certification, your blood pressure must be 160-179/100-109
  • Blood pressure higher than 180/110 is not permitted (prescription medication to control blood pressure is accepted)
  • Blood sugar must be below 200

Employers simply cannot have drivers operating out on the road without valid DOT credentials. This means that you legally cannot operate a commercial motor vehicle without validation of your DOT clearance. A DOT physical exam in Miami is a must if you are a commercial driver, or an employer of commercial drivers, as they ensure that your drivers will not only be compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration but also safely operating their rig on the roadways.DOT Physical Drug Screening

DOT Physical Drug Screening

Our DOT physical exam in Miami includes Breathalyzer testing. Evidential breath testing devices (EBTs) utilize gas chromatography technology, and a reading of the device’s internal standard will be available.

A drug screening test is also administered are part of a DOT physical. The test analyzes the blood and urine of the patient to determine if there is any presence of any type of drug in their system. This is the method most commonly used by most major corrections and the DOT. For this test, all samples are run on an automated screen. If the sample passes the screen, the testing process is over with and the individual receives a passing status. If the sample fails the screen, it moves on to the drug test or confirmation test. For a test to be labeled “Drug Test” a gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) has to be performed on all positive screens. GC/MS is an extremely precise piece of equipment, which measures the molecular size, charge, and weight of the atoms in the drug metabolites. Due to the precision of the machine, it can tell the difference between poppy seeds and opiates, ibuprofen, and THC metabolites, nasal sprays, and amphetamines.

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