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Over the last decade, Botox has become synonymous with the eradication of wrinkles, and in a way, a representative of the entire field of cosmetic dermatology. However, with the popularization of new and innovative medical treatments, therapeutic applications of Botox are in position to usurp the cosmetic application in both revenue and prominence.

Though Botox is most commonly thought of in association with cosmetic procedures alone, there is a myriad of other possible uses for the drug. At our Fox Medical Centers, we are incorporating the innovative uses for Botox injections in Miami into the services that we offer.

As we always have, our team finds the great importance of paying careful attention to each and every detail of your health, as well as lifestyle. Botox may be commonly known with the expressionless and wrinkle-free faces of the beautiful celebrities that we admire, but it is also a vital and viable treatment for serious medical conditions.

Here are the medical aspects that Botox can bring a solution to:

  • Treatment of migraines
  • Treatment of excessive sweating (most commonly under the armpits, hands, and feet)
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Treatment of MS and muscle spasms
  • Treatment of tennis elbow
  • Treatment of Bell’s palsy
  • Treatment of crossed eyes or squint
  • Various cosmetic purposes (consult our doctors for further details)

Regardless if you have a medical condition that would like treatment for or are searching for a cosmetic procedure to undergo, you can count on our Fox Medical Centers team. Our professional medical personnel offers a wide variety of treatments and procedures involving Botox. Botox may be something that isn’t often thought of for medical procedures since it was once considered purely a cosmetic treatment, but we have seen the results, and can say Botox is viable for medical treatment! Find a location near you.

The staff and Dr. Fox were very nice and professional. Good experience!

Ana Maria Lazo De La Vega

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