We can all agree that the “morning-after” feeling is the worst part of drinking too much.

With so many products and natural remedies out there that promise to be the cure to a hangover, it’s hard to figure out which one works.

Our experts at Fox Medical Centers agree that IV Therapy for hangovers is the only real contender.

What’s IV Therapy for Hangovers?

One of the most common procedures health professionals, like nurses, are experienced in is IV insertions.

If you’re not familiar with an IV, it’s a tiny needle inside a catheter that’s inserted through the skin and into a vein. Once the catheter is connected to the vein and taped down, the needle is removed.

IVs cause little to no pain unless your veins aren’t visible, then you become a “difficult stick.” A “difficult stick” requires multiple failed attempts at inserting the IV, which can be painful.

IV Therapy is needed when patients need to receive fluids because they are not able to physically drink, or they need to receive medication, receive blood transfusions, or are necessary to keep the patients stable during emergencies.

However, IV Therapy has recently been used as a trendy hangover cure by multiple celebrities, making people question how effective it is.

Although IV Therapy for hangovers is not necessary by any means, it can help relieve some of your symptoms. The IV fluids are made of different ingredients, but some IV solutions are made of vitamins and electrolytes to alleviate your nausea, pain, or heartburn.

IV Therapy for hangovers is a great way to get your health back on track after a long night of fun.

IV Therapy for hangovers is available at many doctor’s offices across the country, and you can even receive it right at your home.
Some offices even offer a mobile IV Therapy bus, where you can receive the fluids inside the vehicle. IV Therapy for hangovers is similar to treatment for dehydration from the flu, jet lag, or food poisoning.

The Pros and Cons of IV Therapy for Hangovers

Like any medical procedure, IV Therapy for hangovers comes with its own set of pros and cons.

One of the pros is that it can be “on demand”, and easy to receive. Because hangovers cause dehydration, drinking fluids is made incredibly easy with IV Therapy for hangovers.

On the flip side, IV Therapy is essentially administering fluids to your body that you can drink yourself. If you are unable to drink fluids, you should get to a medical facility as soon as possible.

Another con of IV Therapy for hangovers is that the injection site can become infected, or a vein can become blocked with a clot. These complications are very uncommon, though. IV Therapy for hangovers can allow you to feel so much better after a long night of drinking, and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Like any medical procedure, IV Therapy for hangovers has its pros and cons.

Depending on which medical facility or doctor’s office you go to, prices can vary on IV Therapy for hangovers. At Fox Medical Centers, we strive to give you the highest quality medical care at the most affordable price.

Next time you plan to go out and have fun, make sure to plan for some IV Therapy too! Don’t forget to schedule an appointment online and give us a call if you have any questions.

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