Whether it’s the latest smartphone or a car that drives itself, technology advances more and more every day. How does this affect healthcare? Well, in a lot more ways than we can count. With the advancement of remote healthcare, the possibilities are endless—and so are telemedicine benefits.

Higher Quality of Healthcare

Our team at Fox Medical Centers believes that part of telemedicine benefits is that telemedicine leads to a higher quality of healthcare for our patients. But what does that look like? For starters, remote healthcare has shown to improve the quality of care for both physical and mental health conditions, as it makes patients more comfortable to not have to come into an office. This is especially true if patients can’t travel to a doctor’s office with a friend or family member.

One of the greatest telemedicine benefits is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, making you feel more at ease and ready to speak with your doctor. In a recent study, patients who used telemedicine ended up having 38% fewer hospital admissions than patients without telemedicine, as well as 31% fewer hospital readmissions. This means patients like you can save a lot more money on expensive hospital bills. Telemedicine makes the patient’s lives easier, so why pass up the opportunity of saving money?

Doctor and patient having a telemedicine appointment through video chat.

With affordable technological health practices, your bank account will thank you. The study also showed that telemedicine patients had a whopping 63% more likely chance of spending fewer days in the hospital compared to patients without telemedicine. Overall, patients become more engaged in their healthcare when it’s more comfortable and more affordable.

More Access to Healthcare

Another of many telemedicine benefits is that it provides patients with way more access to healthcare when they need it. The time it takes to commute to the doctor’s office can put limits on how often patients can receive medical care, so telemedicine eliminates this problem by providing patients healthcare from anywhere. Telemedicine is especially helpful for those who live in rural communities far away from clinics in the city.

Patient using digital tablet for telemedicine appointment with doctor.

Better Relationship with Your Doctor

Because telemedicine allows you to speak with your health practitioner more often, your relationship will improve over time, leaving you with high-quality healthcare. A better relationship with your doctor will help your physician know you better and be able to provide you with the best medical care, reducing your expenses. However, we should mention that telemedicine shouldn’t be the only form of care you ever receive. It should be used as a support system after your regular doctor’s visits.

Reduces the Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare debt should not be something anyone should ever struggle with. Our team at Fox Medical Centers wants to provide you with the highest quality medical care at the most affordable prices, and telemedicine is a great way to do that. As we mentioned above, one of the best telemedicine benefits is how much money you can save through remote healthcare. Recent studies show that telemedicine can save you nearly 20% of inpatient care costs.

One of the best telemedicine benefits is saving money on medical bills.

Telemedicine Benefits at Fox Medical Centers

Let Fox come to you through telemedicine. Check out our telemedicine services on our website and be sure to make an appointment for telemedicine as soon as you can!

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