What would we do without technology? With so many new technological advances, society is changing as we know it, and so is the world of medicine and healthcare. If you’ve never heard of telemedicine services, it’s essentially having a doctor right at your fingertips by using technology to speak with them whenever you have concerns about your health.

No More Unnecessary Drives to the Office 

With a limited amount of time and a long way away from the doctor’s office, a minor concern is no cause for an entire drive there. It’s rather unnecessary to drive to a doctor and wait in a long line just for your doctor to tell you that everything’s fine, and it’s even worse if you aren’t well enough to drive yourself. Telemedicine services are quick and easy, and it saves you the hassle of commuting to a health practitioner just for a couple of questions and a check-up on small issues. 

While getting an in-person annual check-up is something we recommend for everyone, scheduling even more appointments on top of that one is already hard enough for anyone’s busy schedule. This is why telemedicine at Fox Medical Centers is so convenient—it’s way less stressful and time-consuming, and you’re more likely to get an appointment sooner instead of waiting weeks or even months at a time for your local doctor.

Money-Saving Monitoring Technologies 

Telemedicine services also utilize monitoring technologies to check up on those suffering from chronic diseases. With more remote monitoring on you, your health practitioner will be able to tell you about complications developing in your body before they become severe and require hospitalization. Not only will these keep you more healthy and safe, but it will also reduce the costs of expensive hospital bills. 

Monitoring technologies are available in different forms, one of them being through your mobile device. Known as mHealth, “mobile Health” is a great way for your doctor to make sure your body is stable and doing well, without requiring you to come into an office. Another form of monitoring technologies are those that are available with ambulance services. Instead of transporting you and then admitting you into a hospital, these remote monitoring technologies will get you the quick check-up you need without adding on the high costs of being an inpatient at a hospital. 

Telemedicine services can even be on your phone or other mobile device, also known as mHealth.

In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Triage services are another form of telemedicine, and they can be done right in the comfort of your own home. By using technologies to speak with nurses and physicians, you won’t have to worry about visiting an emergency room. Like we mentioned before, this is especially helpful if you’re feeling too ill or otherwise unable to visit a doctor physically. Ultimately, telemedicine services reduce this stress and get you the help you need right at home. Using new technology when it comes to your health can be intimidating, but telemedicine is an innovative, convenient way for patients to connect with doctors sooner rather than later.

Sick woman making an appointment with a doctor right at home. This is one of the many reasons why telemedicine services are so convenient.

Telemedicine at Fox Medical Centers

At Fox Medical Centers, we want to give you the quality healthcare you need in the most comfortable way possible. Telemedicine services are one of the many ways we do that for our patients, and we would love to give you more information if you’re interested! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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