With school just beginning for your child, you may be worried about your child getting sick at school from other children. We believe preventative measures are the best measures for helping sickness, so here are some obvious but still necessary illness prevention tips to instill into your children right when they’re young so that they won’t get sick as often during school.

Wash Your Hands!

Studies show that just teaching people about handwashing reduces the number of people who get sick significantly. For example, handwashing education in a given community has shown to reduce the number of people who become ill with diarrhea by 23 to 40%. Teaching your kids to wash their hands regularly, and especially after using the bathroom, will significantly reduce their chances of getting infected with respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Get your kids to start these handwashing habits young, and you can even have them carry a hand sanitizer with them at school so that they keep themselves free of germs that can make them sick. They should wash their hands after leaving school or daycare, before they eat, or after every playdate with other kids. It’s also vital that your child washes their hands for about fifteen to twenty seconds to remove all the germs.

Mother teaching her daughter to always wash her hands, a very effective illness prevention tip.

Eat Your Vegetables

Healthy eating isn’t just a fad—it actually works! Filling your child’s diet with the nutrients they need to keep their immune system strong and healthy starts by incorporating as many fruits and vegetables into their daily meals. Foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals will give them a much better defense from getting sick, and it’s one of our favorite illness prevention tips. Vitamin C and vitamin D, in particular, are especially great at giving your immune system a boost, so we recommend strawberries, broccoli, tuna, healthy cereals, oranges, and milk enriched with vitamins. Probiotics found in yogurt can also be great for helping your child’s immune system stay healthy.

Get Plenty of Exercise

While this illness prevention tip is obvious, many parents forget to use it with their children, resulting in inactive kids who have weak bodies against sickness. Studies show that getting regular exercise can actually reduce the number of times you get a cold or the flu each year by about 25 to 50%. While your children still have high energy and stamina when they’re young, be active with them or try to get them into sports. Their bodies will thank them.

Father and son exercising by playing basketball outdoors. One of our illness prevention tips for kids is getting plenty of exercise.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Kids tend to touch their faces a lot, not knowing that it can transfer viruses and bacteria to their bodies. One of our best illness prevention tips is to teach your children not to touch their eyes, mouth, and nose as much as possible so that they don’t transfer cold and flu viruses into their respiratory system.

Because it’s virtually impossible to completely stop them from touching their faces, having the right handwashing habits first is the first line of defense as it will prevent them from transferring bacteria if they do touch their face. Remember to also teach your child never to share things like toothbrushes, straws, and cups with other people.

Vaccines Are Scary, but They’re Necessary

Vaccines can be incredibly intimidating and scary to children. Even many adults are scared of needles. However, without getting your child vaccinated, they will be way more at risk of getting sick with completely preventable diseases. Speak with your child’s pediatrician to make sure your child is on time with all of their vaccines, and make sure to have your child get the flu vaccine every year, as the strain changes annually.

Ultimately, immunization is one of the most obvious yet most effective illness prevention tips as it will keep your child’s immune system strong and safe from contracting diseases that can possibly be fatal. When your children are getting their vaccines at the doctor’s office, comfort them as much as you can, and try to remind them that vaccines are for the best when they’re scared.

Close-up image of a child getting a vaccine, one of our most important illness prevention tips.

Illness Prevention Tips at Fox Medical Center

For more illness prevention tips, we recommend speaking with a doctor about your child’s individual needs and habits, and our experienced doctors would be happy to help with that! Check out our website to see which one of our locations is best for you and your family.

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