From countless hours at soccer practice to attending every single baseball game, letting your children participate in sports is a great way to help them stay fit and healthy. What many people don’t think about, though, is the sports physical for children that comes along with having them play sports.

There’s a Physical for My Child’s Sports?

Yes! There are several reasons why your child needs an annual sports physical. A sports physical for children usually has to be completed between May 1st and before your child starts a summer or fall sport. Schools tend to require this simply to make sure your child’s body is healthy enough to play sports. They must be done before your student starts his or her first practice or game. This goes for any practice your child does out-of-season as well.

Sports physicals are incredibly helpful in letting both you and the school know many more details than regular physicals do, allowing you to know more about your child’s overall health and what he or she is at risk of. For example, a sports physical for children will help your doctor identify anything in your student’s body that can put him or her more at risk of getting injured. This will help you determine whether or not you should continue to allow your child to participate in a certain sport, securing your child’s safety in the long run. Because children grow more and more every year, your child should receive sports physicals annually.

Young girl smiling while playing soccer. Soccer is one of the many sports that require a sports physical for children.

Before the Physical

There are some important things to note before you and your child attend the physical. One of them is that you should be ready to answer questions about your family’s medical history and your child’s medical history. Feel free to come prepared with your own questions as well. You should also discuss any injuries or conditions your child has experienced, as well as the time of said injuries and any treatments or therapy your child needed for the condition.
Talking about your family’s medical history will help your physician gain more insight into any medical condition your child might experience in the future. Your child should also come in comfortable shoes that he or she can move around freely during the sports physical for children, and it’s essential that you encourage your child to be honest when talking about anything bothering them when it comes to their sports.

What to Expect

During the physical, expect to fill out you and your child’s personal information. Your child’s physician will assess his or her weight and height, conduct a vision exam, a musculoskeletal exam, and a cardiac screening. The doctor will also take your child’s blood pressure and pulse rate, making the appointment last about twenty to thirty minutes. Make sure not to confuse an annual sports physical for children with a regular annual physical. Your child needs both, so don’t use the sports physical as a substitute for a regular one. You can certainly stop by one of Fox Medical Centers with your child and receive a sports physical from one of our trained medical professionals.

Doctor tests young patient’s vision during sports physical.

Sports Physicals At Fox Medical Centers

At Fox Medical Centers, we’re here to help you and your child make sure everything is A-OK before they step foot on the field. Book an appointment with us on our website whenever you can, we’ll be happy to see you at one of our locations!

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