Vaccination is one of the most important things you can ever do for your child as it protects them from very harmful diseases. As the summer draws to a close, and school comes back into session, ‘back to school’ immunization will most likely be required of your children depending on how old they are.

Immunization According to Age

The first vaccine we should mention is the flu vaccine. Flu strains change often so your child should start receiving the vaccine at six months old and then every year. This way, they are completely protected from getting this highly contagious sickness. Since your child should be getting their yearly flu vaccine in the fall, this is a perfect one to add to your list when taking them to the doctor’s office for back to school immunization. When your child is between the ages of four to six years old, you should discuss with your doctor whether or not they need a dose of the polio vaccine, varicella vaccine, MMR vaccine, and the DTaP vaccine.

If your child is not fully vaccinated, it is also recommended they receive the HepA series and the meningococcal vaccine (MCV) as your child is at high risk. When your child is eleven to twelve years old, they should receive the tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap) as well as the MCV4 vaccine. If your child did not receive the Hepatitis B vaccine, they should receive the three-shot vaccine course at this age.

Tdap vaccine used for back to school immunization when a child is about eleven to twelve years old.

Lastly, your child should receive the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. As your child grows older, discuss with your doctor what other vaccines they should get, as it is recommended that children get second doses of some vaccines. Make sure that all of your children’s vaccines are on file and that they are up to date. Back to school, immunization can be very simple if you plan out your child’s vaccinations with time. Whatever vaccines your children’s school requires, do your them a favor and follow them so that your children and their classmates are safe.

Our Back to School Immunization

We take vaccinations seriously here at Fox Medical Centers and believe in how necessary they are to preventing the spread of infectious diseases. For all your back to school immunization needs, we happily provide several different vaccines for infants, toddlers, preteens, adolescents, and adults. Remember that protecting your infant from contagious diseases is extremely important as they can only start receiving vaccinations at a certain age. If you have both an infant and an older child, be sure to stay up to date with your first born’s vaccines, we’d be happy to discuss with you the vaccines they already have on file as well as ones they still need.

Because the American Academy of Pediatrics updates the recommended immunization schedule at least once a year, our medical professionals are more than willing to talk to you about any specific vaccines your child should receive. You’re also more than welcome to ask about any vaccines you should receive. Protecting yourself from diseases will prevent them from spreading to your child even more, so don’t be afraid to talk to us about any of your questions and concerns.

Pediatrician puts a bandage on teenage girl’s arm after receiving back to school immunization.

Back to School Immunization at Fox Medical Center

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