You don’t have to be pregnant to know what an ultrasound is. While ultrasounds in Miami are commonly known as the primary procedure for knowing what your baby looks like in the womb, ultrasonography is much more useful than that. By using an Ultrasound medical device, your doctor can easily uncover hidden problems and find solutions quicker. Here are just a few of its top functions besides pregnancies:


An ultrasound is essentially a scan. It is usually used to scan the entire womb of a soon-to-be mother, however, it can show a scan of just about any body part. Through high-frequency sound waves, the scan can put up an image of a person’s body structures on the inside, which is why it’s an excellent tool for seeing a developing fetus.

However, many doctors use this scan for a person’s muscles and tendons, a person’s heart, or even blood vessels. Because of this high scanning capability, an ultrasound test can diagnose conditions in body parts like your pancreas, bladder, thyroid—you name it. However, if you have an issue in your bones, an ultrasound definitely wouldn’t be your best bet. This is where a regular X-ray would come in and help. The bowel is also a place where an ultrasound probably wouldn’t work well because of all the air and gas in the organ.

Ultrasound medical device
Ultrasound medical device

Medical Procedures

Ultrasounds are especially helpful in guiding medical procedures because of their ability to create accurate images. Many of our Fox Medical Centers offices provide ultrasounds in Miami and use the technology for a wide variety of imaging, including 3D and 4D images, echocardiograms, and Doppler to measure the blood flow in your arteries and veins. These detailed pictures are great for procedures such as needle biopsies, which require the doctor to remove tissue from a very precise area inside the body for testing in a lab.

Just like ultrasounds can diagnose medical conditions, they can work well in treating those conditions so your doctor can see exactly how to help you best. Three common types of ultrasounds are transrectal, transvaginal, and transesophageal echocardiogram. They diagnose prostate conditions, get clear images of the uterus, and receive images of the heart through using the esophagus, respectively.


Lastly, ultrasounds are great for detecting and treating various injuries in soft tissue. Many physical and occupational therapists treat pain conditions and promote tissue healing by using ultrasound therapy. The wand can heat up and provide you with relief, however, this therapy doesn’t treat all chronic pain conditions. Despite this, you should be able to use this therapy if you have osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, a sprain, and many more ailments.

Patient with orthopedist doctor in his office.
Patient with orthopedist doctor in his office. Knee sonography.

Why Are Ultrasounds so Great?

There are numerous advantages and benefits that other medical tests and tools do not have, which is why they work so well for patients. For example, they are virtually painless because there’s no need for injections, needles, or any incisions when using this device.

As we said before, ultrasonography gives pictures of your body that X-rays can’t, and even better, ultrasounds are actually safer than X-rays and CT scans because they are not associated with any radiation. Ultrasounds in Miami are very accessible and way less expensive than other methods used for diagnostics, treatments, and therapeutics.

Ultrasounds in Miami at Fox Medical Centers

Our trained and professional doctors at Fox Medical Centers want to help you with whatever medical concerns you have, especially when they involve ultrasounds. Visit our website to decide on which location you want to stop by, and schedule an appointment. We would love to have you!

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