Pre Employment Testing

If you are looking to start a new job, your employers may require newly hired employees to visit the doctor to conduct a physical examination. This can be an annoying experience, especially if you do not have a regular doctor that you visit. Trying to find an affordable doctor’s office that can provide the examination you need can spend time that could be used for other activities. At Fox Medical Centers, our physicians are experts in Pre Employment Testing and can provide you with the required examinations and much more.

Here are some of the examinations you can expect to undergo when coming into our office for Pre Employment Testing:

Employee Assesment

  • Sensory testing: Testing your eyesight and hearing is necessary for many jobs. These tests are used to see whether or not you can perform the tasks needed by your job or if you need aids to help.
  • Drug and alcohol screening: Perhaps the most used exam in Pre Employment Testing is the drug and alcohol screening. Depending on the company policy, they may require testing for various substances.
  • Pulmonary tests: If your job requires physical exertion, then cardiovascular tests are usually performed. Your physician will check how much air your lungs can take in, carbon monoxide diffusion, blood/oxygen levels, and how strong your heart is.
  • Musculoskeletal tests: For physically demanding jobs, a musculoskeletal test may also be required. This is used to determine how well your range of motion and reflexes are. By checking for bone density and other joint issues, your physician will be able to identify how well you will be able to perform physical tasks.
  • Disease test: If your job requires regular interaction with other people, your employer may want to ensure you are not carrying any potentially dangerous or infectious diseases.

At Fox Medical Centers, we are the best place for your Pre Employment Testing. We accept plans from over 25 different insurance companies so that we can provide the finest care possible to a wide variety of patients. With next day or same day scheduling, a visit with a trained physician is just right around the corner. If you have been having trouble finding a convenient and profession office to have your examinations done, then our offices are just right for you.

New Hire Testing

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