Child Immunizations

A new school year means that it is time for you or your children to receive their annual vaccinations. These are an extremely important part of your children’s health care and are even required by some schools. If you are looking for a family friendly clinic that can expertly administer Child Immunizations, then look no further than Fox Medical Centers. Even if you have never had an appointment with us before or have no health insurance, we will be happy to have you visit our offices. Make sure your child is protected from diseases and does not infect others by being vaccinated.

Contrary to the belief of some, a vaccination is the most effective method of preventing diseases that are infectious. By simply exposing your child to a small amount of safe and weakened versions of the disease’s viruses, the immune system will be much better equipped to recognize the disease and attack it in the future. So, if you are ever exposed to that disease again you will either not become sick or just have milder symptoms that will not be as bad. Child Immunizations are beneficial for all ages and also prevents your child from spreading diseases to other children.

Vaccination Schedule

For toddlers, Child Immunizations are important as well. We are constantly being exposed to bacteria and viruses at all times but their immune systems are vulnerable soon after birth. Vaccinating them for common diseases such as tetanus, pneumonia, measles, and polio will give you peace of mind and will protect your baby now and in the future. Every 12 months, the American Academy of Pediatrics updates the immunization schedule and our physicians will be able to provide your child with the newest and most recommended vaccines for them. We carry all the vaccines that you or your child will need!

At Fox Medical Centers, we will be happy to provide you with Child Immunizations for the new school year. Make sure and your children are fully protected from dangerous diseases by staying up to date with your vaccinations. We accept many different types of insurance and even see patients without insurance. With same day or next day appointments, seeing a trained physician is right around the corner. We have been around for decades and know the best treatments and techniques to use to protect your whole family.

Immunization Chart

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