Best Joint Relief

Joint pain, especially the variety that sticks around for an extended period of time, can have a significantly negative impact on your day to day life. It can become nearly impossible to follow through with normal, everyday tasks when you are constantly being haunted by shots of pain. Determining where the source of the pain is coming from is important and seeking a treatment option is crucial. Our professionals at Fox Medical Centers offer some of the Best Joint Relief options.

In the world of health and medicine, joint injections have become increasingly popular throughout the years. These joint injections, which are sometimes referred to as joint aspirations, are used most commonly for the relief of intense levels of joint pain. Our Fox Medical team is eager and more than prepared to help relieve whatever issues you are facing.

Knee Pain Treatment

The most common cases where joint injections are used involve pain in the:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Base of the thumb
  • Small joints of the hands and feet

Joint injections are always given to patients either in a medical office or hospital setting. In order to make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible, our medical team will also accompany the injection with either a cold spray or local anesthesia.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Joint injections are performed with the intention of relieving the severe joint pain that patients are experiencing. The injection process is utilized as a method to penetrate the joint with effective medicine. After the surface of the skin is carefully cleaned, the joint is injected with a needle attached to a syringe. At that point of the process, the physician will have two options. If able to do so, the medical professional will obtain the joint fluid and use it for appropriate laboratory examination. If this is not an option, the medical personnel will simply inject the proper medication into the joint space.
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