Father’s Day is quickly approaching, but have you ever thought about what check-ups he should be getting at the doctor’s office? Not only is Father’s Day coming up, but also, we’re currently in Men’s Health Month, so now’s the perfect time to start thinking about your dad’s physical health. If your dad is on the older side, it’s essential your dad starts incorporating these medical tests into his annual check-up for men if he hasn’t already!

Heart Health Test

Although doctors recommend you begin having this test yearly when you turn twenty years old, it’s never too late to start. A heart health test will essentially be used to know your dad’s blood pressure to see if he is at risk of developing heart disease.

The typical way of getting your blood pressure is how they do this, but a heart health exam might also include a stress test if your family has a history of hypertension. Heart disease is a very serious concern, especially in the US, so make sure your father doesn’t skip out on this test in his annual check-up for men.


Let’s face it, your dad’s getting older. Hearing tends to deteriorate as you age, so getting check-ups on your ears can determine if you need to take any extra steps to protect your hearing, or if you need an aid. Although there isn’t a specific age in which to start getting hearing tests, your dad should definitely take the test if he’s experiencing some hearing loss already or if it runs in the family.

An audiogram is non-invasive and requires you to listen to a series of sounds to determine how well you can hear them. Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to add this to your dad’s list of medical check-ups to do.

Male doctor reviewing audiogram results with a patient.

Mole Screening

Skin cancer is a very real risk, especially after your dad has probably experienced plenty of sun exposure over the course of his life. A mole screening will simply involve a doctor examining any moles your father has on his body to determine if they could be malignant or benign. If the doctor does indeed find a concerning mole, the doctor will likely recommend conducting a biopsy at the office so that a pathologist can test the sample and determine how the mole affects your father’s body. Mole screenings are recommended yearly, so this is definitely one to add to your dad’s annual check-up for men.

Lipid Profile

Through this blood sample test, your dad’s doctor will find out if your dad is at risk of a heart attack or stroke. A screening of a lipid profile is recommended by the time you turn twenty-five years old, but if your dad hasn’t done this, it’s perfectly fine. Now that it’s Men’s Health Month, it’s the perfect time to start getting this test regularly. However, it should be noted that your father will have to fast for twelve hours prior to getting a lipid profile.

Blood sample in a test tube for a lipid profile exam.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Vision is another sense that also gets worse during the aging process for many people, so getting this regularly examined will help your dad be ready if the time comes for him to use any corrective eyewear, if he doesn’t already.

If your dad is forty years old and up, he should start getting comprehensive eye exams every couple of years, depending on how good his vision has been throughout his life. If your dad has already had problems with his vision during his life, he should be adding this to his annual check-up for men.

We don’t just want to take care of you; we want to take care of your whole family. We have something for everyone here, young and old. This father’s day make sure your dad stays healthy and comes to visit one of our locations at Fox Medical Centers.

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