Get an STI Check in Miami… It’s Important

February is undoubtedly the month where we most celebrate love. Nevertheless, with merriments of love, individuals often choose to express their love physically. Although April is STI Awareness Month, there is never a wrong time for an STI check in Miami.

Unfortunately, sexually transmitted infections have quickly become increasingly common throughout the United States. Many individuals don’t even know that they are afflicted. An STI check in Miami can help prevent spreading sexually transmitted infections, as well as diseases. Your friends from Fox Medical Centers want to share some information on the benefits of STI testing.

STI Testing is Important, Even Without Symptoms

The unfortunate truth about STIs is that numerous individuals pass them on to other people while remaining unaware about their infection. Without knowing that you may remain at risk, you too could pass this on to future partners.

The reality is that when you choose a sexual partner, you must worry about more than your own sexual history. You must consider your partner’s history as well. STIs can occur in anyone who is sexually active regardless of their gender, age, or orientation.

Sexual health serves as a significant part of our general healthcare. This is something that many people often neglect. This may be due to embarrassment or apprehension about the diagnosis or treatment procedures.

The good news is that treatment is very typically a straightforward process. Specialists may treat many STIs utilizing antibiotics. Unfortunately, some conditions remain incurable. Conditions like genital warts and herpes cannot be cleared from the system, requiring lifelong treatment.

STI Check in Miami Process

STI testing has evolved. Many specialists can now administer an STI check in Miami utilize urine or blood analysis. Nonetheless, some cases may still require an examination for an accurate diagnosis.

For some, a decision for testing is easy. A partner may inform them that they could develop an STI, or that they noticed symptoms themselves. For others, the decision may prove more difficult than that.

Only some patients sometimes display of an STI. The most common include a painful genital rash, pain during urination, discharge symptoms, bleeding after sex or in between periods, testicular soreness, as well as pelvic pain in females.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea may display symptoms within a few weeks of the infection occurring. However, they could display months later once the infection takes hold and affects other areas of the body. The longer you go without treatment, the higher the chances of developing complications.

STI Check in Miami from Fox Medical Center

Practicing safe sex and taking an active role in protecting your sexual health remains very important towards preventing long-term complications of STIs. This helps not only you but your future sexual partners as well.

Getting an STI check in Miami is important. Don’t put off undergoing a screening due to embarrassment when you wield so much at stake.

If you have sex with someone with a questionable history, or that uses drugs, you could remain afflicted with an STI and not even know. This is precisely why an STI check in Miami is so essential.

For more information on STI testing and what Fox Medical Center can do to help you, contact our dedicated team of specialists today!

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