What is EKG Testing in Miami?

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and while this holiday will test your heart in a variety of ways, it doesn’t exactly reflect the type of heart testing the team at Fox Medical Centers wants to discuss. Diagnostic testing regarding your cardiovascular system remains crucial to uncovering and managing various conditions related to cardiovascular disease.

If you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, discomfort in your chest, or palpitations, it may be time to undergo an electrocardiogram or EKG. EKG testing in Miami is a noninvasive analysis that measures the electrical activity of your heartbeat.

It’s no secret that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. EKG testing in Miami is a simple test that helps determine problems in the heart that could result in a heart attack. Although we wield more information today about living heart-healthy than ever before, the percentage of deaths attributed to heart disease remains staggering.

How is EKG Testing in Miami Performed? What Does It Look For?

Patients don’t need any special preparation for EKG testing in Miami. The test requires that you lie down on an exam table while a technician places several small sensors on your chest, arms, and legs. These sensors possess wires that connect to an EKG machine.

The sensors will three-dimensionally outline your heart’s natural electric rhythm. This can immediately demonstrate whether or not you possess any unusual heart activity. These sensors deliver no electrical current and only record your body’s natural rhythms. EKG testing in Miami only lasts for six seconds before you receive printed results that a specialist can interpret for you almost immediately.

This test primarily analyzes the rhythmic behavior of different chambers within your heart. By measuring time intervals of the electrocardiogram, a physician can conclude how long it takes the electrical waves to pass through the heart.

As a result, the information that EKG testing in Miami produces will demonstrate normal, fast, slow, or irregular electrical activity. It will additionally measure the amount of electrical activity passing through the heart. This can help a doctor determine if your heart is enlarged or overworked.

EKG Testing in Miami – Narrating the Story of Your Heart

EKG testing in Miami also helps physicians diagnose real-time emergencies. This could represent an inevitable heart attack or one already in progress. Nonetheless, most physicians utilize this technology to detect and diagnose problems that occur over time.

Electrocardiograms may outline high blood pressure, as well as spiking and falling electrolyte levels. EKG testing in Miami can even identify changes in the heart that occur due to a past heart attack. This remains important for many people because they may experience a heart attack without even knowing.

EKG Testing in Miami from Fox Medical Centers

Here at Fox Medical Centers, we view patient health as a paramount. Our specialists take the necessary time to listen and find answers to patient concerns. For this reason, we provide EKG testing in Miami in a welcoming environment, and even as a complement to a physical examination.

Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from heart issues and detrimental conditions without ever truly knowing the extent of their condition. High cholesterol, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure can all dramatically increase your risk for a heart attack.

Not sure if you experience symptoms or remain at risk for a cardiovascular issue? Contact the dedicated team from Fox Medical Centers today to learn more about EKG testing in Miami.

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