Leave Your Ear Wax Alone

Our ears are delicate, self-cleaning organs that facilitate our hearing and sound analysis. They consist of the outer, middle, and inner ear, as well as the canal, and drum. The organ produces ear wax naturally to clean away germs, dust, and microorganisms that can lodge inside of the ear. Secreted by glands within the outer ear canal, ear wax remains vital in fighting infections while keeping your ears moist and preventing dust and other debris from entering.

We often clean out our ear wax entirely too much. Generally, no notable need exists to manually clean the ears outside of cases where wax overproduction results in buildup or blockage. Unfortunately, over-waxing removes the protective layer that helps keep our ear canal healthy and clean.

Nevertheless, an abundance of ear wax may become impacted, or block the ear canal. Too much earwax can even lead to a wide variety of physical symptoms that include dizziness, pain, itching, ringing, and difficulty hearing. Impaction can occur when individuals attempt to utilize Q-tips or other utensils to remove the wax.

If you use cotton swabs and other small items to clean your ears, it’s time to put them down. Fox Medical Centers want to outline some ear wax removal tips. However, we recommend not removing ear wax at home whenever possible.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ear Cleaning

Ear wax is not a bad thing. It does a lot of good for your body. As a natural substance, it will typically exit the ear on its own as well. Earwax works its way out through ordinary jaw motions like talking or chewing.

For most people, a shower is all the cleaning they will ever need. Simply washing the outer ear will still allow the inner ear to clean itself. Nonetheless, some people still suffer from more wax buildup than others. This commonly occurs with individuals that wear hearing aids. However, the most important of our ear wax removal tips are avoiding the cotton swabs.

Inserting a cotton-tipped swab can damage the ear canal and eardrum. It may also push the wax further into the canal, creating a situation where the wax remains much more difficult to remove. Even worse, impacted ear wax can lead to a painful ear infection.

Many people look for the best ear wax removal tips thinking that their ear wax makes them gross, or that it is unseemly. Nevertheless, ear wax is not a sign of poor hygiene. It is a natural moisturizer that prevents the ear from becoming too dry, additionally trapping dirt, dust, and dead skin cells before they enter the inner ear.

The makeup of your ear wax will depend on your ethnicity, age, environment, and even your diet. Although you may feel that ear wax is gross, in no way is this a reflection of your uncleanliness. Simply look at ear wax as a sign of normal, healthy-functioning ears.

Ear Wax Removal Tips from Fox Medical Centers

It is essential to consider the reason cotton swab manufacturers put a warning label on their packaging. This message typically states to avoid inserting the swab into the ear canal to prevent injury. Unfortunately, many people ignore this warning.

Maybe cleaning the inner ear is too tempting or feels too satisfying. Whatever the reason, take heed of our ear wax removal tips and avoid utilizing cotton swabs from ear wax removal. If you feel impacted wax or an overabundance of wax, reach out of a qualified professional.

Our team from Fox Medical Centers use methods like water jetting and other medical ear wax removal modalities to remove ear wax when necessary safely. For more information, contact our team today!

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