Have you Had Your Annual Physical Examination?

You feel absolutely great, so why do you need to take a visit to the doctor? This is because despite you feeling great, you may not remain in perfect health. Additionally, physical exams in Miami come accompanied by screenings, tests, and questions that may reveal previously unforeseen health circumstances.

Annual physical exams in Miami can help prevent disease. With heart disease and other cardiovascular concerns representing the number one killer of men in women in the U.S., blood pressure testing and other physical examination tenets remain crucial for optimal health maintenance.

When you visit a physician for regular physical exams in Miami, this can help you mitigate your risk factors while monitoring them to keep you your healthiest.

What Happens During Annual Physical Exams in Miami

Many individuals will take a visit to the doctor for a physical for the first time in years. They may discover that they suffer from prediabetes or high blood pressure after they undergo the testing of physical exams in Miami.

Physicians analyze basic risk factors as they review bodily systems during annual physical exams in Miami. They will ask you about pain, shortness of breath, extremity swelling, etc.

The doctor will also review their patient’s personal medical history. This includes a comprehensive family medical and surgical history to ensure everything remains up-to-date. Furthermore, they can analyze the patient’s current diet and exercise habits.

Physical exams in Miami are truly a comprehensive analysis of health. As a physician works down a health-related checklist of things to accomplish during the next year, this could include examinations like preventative screenings or vaccines. They may even disperse reminders about these things at the patient’s request.

Feedback with a Physician during Physical Exams in Miami

An annual checkup is the best time to inquire about any health concerns with a physician. They will answer questions and address medical information you may obtain through other channels. If a patient worries about specific symptoms, or the development of disease, the physical exam is the ideal opportunity to speak up.

After all, it is important to keep stress low, and a physician will want their patient to remain educated entirely, working to help them better understand a condition or symptom. Physical exams in Miami also represent the best time to communicate with a healthcare provider while developing the doctor-patient relationship.

This is an open channel relationship where patients can feel comfortable sharing their concerns, as well as potentially embarrassing symptoms. It is important to remember that patients may not always feel or experience symptoms in spite of a present health issue.

No one should wait until they begin experiencing symptoms. Without medical intervention, problems may evolve to the point of dangerous, even fatal complications.

Physical Exams in Miami from Fox Medical Centers

Annual exams are entirely about preventing disease. The most important thing you can do to benefit your overall health and wellness is scheduling regular physical exams in Miami.

Our team from Fox Medical Centers commits to assisting the South Florida community with their health and wellness. Even though you might be feeling great, a health concern may still remain unknown. Don’t allow your health concerns to escape you, and unknown health issues to evolve into something direr.

For more information on how Fox Medical Centers can help you with physical exams in Miami, contact our dedicated and caring physician team today!

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