Get an STI Check in Miami

No one likes talking about sexually transmitted infections. Although almost any sexually active individual can contract an STI, a significant amount of stigma remains attached to these infections. This may concern how it reflects on you as a person. Unfortunately, this also leads to individuals avoiding getting an STI check in Miami.

Testing is a great way to practice safe sex. Opening up the lines of communication with partners about STIs and utilizing safe sec methods can reduce the probability of STI transmission.

The most common questions asked here at Fox Medical Centers include:

  • When should you get tested?
  • How often should you get an STI check in Miami?
  • How is the test performed?

When and How Often Should You Get an STI Check in Miami

You should get an STI check in Miami if you begin noticing any symptoms, or anything out of the ordinary in regards to your genital areas, or sexual activity. Additionally, if you remain unsure about a sexual partner that may suffer from an STI, testing is crucial.

Nonetheless, how often you get tested is up to you. Everyone commits to this differently, and it will heavily depend on your lifestyle. Some people see a physician for an STI exam once or twice per year. Others may see a doctor with every new partner.

Something to consider is the amount of time between when you might contract an infection and when the results will display on a test. This is what we call the window period. The window period for an STI varies based on the infection type.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea’s window period is about 24 hours, and three months for HIV or syphilis. Alternatively, if you contract herpes or genital warts, testing only proves useful during an outbreak. Keep this in mind as you consider an STI check in Miami as some conditions may not become apparent until you begin demonstrating symptoms.

How is an STI Check in Miami Performed?

You can get an STI test at variable healthcare providers. Fox Medical Centers offers this service at any of our medical centers in the South Florida area. You may find that testing with a medical center remains sex-positive and imparts a better experience.

The process for an STI examination is straightforward. A doctor will call you into their examination room before asking you about your medical history, in addition to the reason for your visit. They will undoubtedly ask about the type of sex you’ve been having, as well as if you remain protected with your partners.

This assesses potential risks, informing them on the types of test they should administer. If you use condoms and abstain from needle drugs, the risks of syphilis or other STIs remain very low. Once you and your examiner discover the most applicable testing modalities, the specialist will take a sample and send it off to a lab.

STI Check in Miami from Fox Medical Centers

Fox Medical Centers physicians wield the necessary training and experience to comprehensive test, consult, diagnose, and treat STIs. We additionally place a paramount on confidentiality, ensuring that your results remain anonymous to outside parties.

For more information on receiving an STI check in Miami with our dedicated and professional team, contact Fox Medical Centers today to schedule an appointment.

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