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If you are the head of your household or the primary caretaker of your children, maintaining their health is likely at the top of your list of responsibilities. While their happiness and safety are also important, neither of those factors can be fulfilled until you are confident that they are fully healthy. At Fox Medical Centers, we recognize that family is everything. Our professionals are capable of treating patients in all walks of life and welcome every single member of your household to our Family Practice Clinic.

Of all the areas in which you may settle for mediocre service, your primary doctor should not be one of them. This is the individual who will give you an overall scope of your physical health, and they should be properly equipped to handle anything that may come their way. They should be superheroes in the eyes of your family, protecting and keeping them healthy at all times.

Luckily, our team at Fox Medical Centers has long been admired for treating our patients with the utmost care and close attention. Every single patient that walks through our doors, regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity, is welcomed with open arms. We place great value on what we do and will never cut corners in providing health care to you and your loved ones.

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To be able to attend to each member of your family properly, Fox Medical Centers offers a wide variety of services. Rather than solely focus on pediatrics or adult care like other centers, we are a Family Practice Clinic that can attend to children, adults, elderly patients, and even women who are pregnant and expecting a new member of the household. This saves family units tons of time and effort. Instead of having to find a different doctor for each individual in your family, you can save yourself a drive all around town and simply make one stop at Fox Medical Centers.

Because our center values growth and progression so dearly, you also never have to worry about our Family Practice Clinic becoming old and outdated. We are a team of innovative experts who are constantly striving to make new and effective changes to the way that we approach healthcare. We recognize the importance of staple medical traditions, but we will never become stagnant in our practice. As science and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace, we work hard to adapt to the latest in treatment options and preventative care.

If you value creating close connections to your health care professionals, you have come to the right place. At Fox Medical Centers, we believe that your primary doctor should not just be a near stranger who you only see once a year for a simple check-up. We take the time to really get to know each of our patients and ensure that every concern they may have regarding their physical health is thoroughly addressed. After all, you can not meet your full potential in life unless you are feeling your best.

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Fox Medical Centers offers outstanding care and quality services to all of our patients. Call us today at (305) 595-1300 to speak to our experts or click here make an appointment at our Family Practice Clinic now!